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What is Sports Medicine?

Treatment for all types of sports injuries including sprains/strains, ligamentous injuries, tendonitis, arthritis and plantar fasciitis utilizing injections, strapping and padding, casting, specialty shoes, as well as basic and custom bracing. Gait analysis, orthotic impression casting and modifications and orthopedic shoe evaluation and modifications are available.

Common Sports Injuries

Injuries of the ankle often develop as a result of unnatural bends or twists that force the joint to extend beyond its normal range of motion. Sprains originate from trauma to the ligaments, such as an overextended stretch as a result of forcible bending. Sudden changes of direction, such as a running back making a cutting motion, can lead to the development of an ankle sprain. Similar to sprains, ankle strains can also develop as a result of stretching beyond your limits.  However, strains are often less common and can develop due to chronic overuse. Those who participate in track and cross country may be more susceptible.

Ligamentous Injuries

This can include injuries to the knees such as an ACL or MCL tear. The ligaments are the bands of tissues that are able to connect bones to the body. Tearing these ligaments can be extremely painful and will likely require surgery, along with an extensive rehab process. Tearing of these ligaments often comes as a result of athletes who make sharp cuts or experience an unorthodox bending of the knee.


Inflammation and irritation of the tendons are what leads to the development of tendonitis. Ordinarily, repetitive motions such as those of a pitcher in baseball are what leads to the developments of tendonitis.


Similar to tendonitis, arthritis is inflammation but this time it pertains to the joints. Typical wear and tear is usually what leads to the development of arthritis, athletes can be susceptible due to overuse.

Plantar Fasciitis

Resulting in inflammation along the bottom part of the foot, plantar fasciitis can be common for runners and other athletes who are constantly on their feet.

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